Sunday, April 17, 2011

sweet home siesta key

hello again!-- this photo shoot was taken at siesta key beach in sunny sarasota, fl.  my roommate stacey lamb and i went on a week long road trip across the state of florida visiting friends and family along the way.  our first stop was in my hometown of srq (sarasota).  i wanted to show stace my favorite part of the city, the beach!

we brought a couple outfits out to the beach, my favorite being my first vintage piece i picked up in tallahassee the week prior.  this bathing suit in a classic vintage piece from the 1950's, i have always been a big fan of pinup girls and when i saw this suit hanging up in sick boy vintage shop i just had to buy it (even though it was a little bit out of my budget).  this pictures are absolutely gorgeous and they wouldn't have been without miss stacey lamb and her photography skills!  thankx stacey :).

^^this is my best friend from home, shelly montauck <3  aren't we so cute lol


^^ handmade dreamcather necklace by my roommie, stacey lamb.
check it out @:

^^stacey and i playing in the waves

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