Monday, April 18, 2011

tie it up on the trail

today stacey, mary, and i went to the 'the trail' behind our apartment complex to snap some pictures.  as you can see it's quite picturesque!  for this look i was going for a modern day pinup outfit.  my pink oxford button-up was a purchase from a little boutique in lucerne, switzerland.  the shorts were a hand-me-down from my roommate lindsay, she originally picked them up from goodwill.  the betsey johnson leopard socks are also from lindsay's closet.  and my gold and maroon head scarf was a gift from santa clause a few years back.

the sunlight was perfect for the pictures! it inspired me to edit the pics with a deep yellow filter.  since i am new too the blogging scene, i am also new to photoshop. still having fun putsing around with all the settings.
enjoy! xx


  1. you look so cute lauren! wear your hair like that more!

  2. Love the tied shirt, and the socks really make the look so cutie!