Sunday, April 17, 2011

the ol' red dirt roads of tally

so i finally broke down and decided to make a blogspot, most likely due to my lack of energy to leave the couch and boredom from facebook.  whatever the cause was, the fact is that it is here and i am very excited to share even more of my life with the digital world :).

my first real post is going to consist of pictures that my best friend's and i took a couple of days ago in the red dirt roads of tallahassee, fl.  in hopes of improving our internet credibility, the four of us pranced around the streets snapping pictures whenever the time was right.  the lovely jana kirn took the majority of my photographs --so thank you jan-- you have a great eye for a artistic photograph and the reaction of a cheetah in order to snap the ones of me jumping.

my favorite part of my outfit is the silk floral skirt i am modeling.  this skirt was given to me by my best friend's older sister, elena. she picked up the skirt in tel aviv, israel on her last vacation over seas.  i absolutely adore this skirt and could not be any happier that it is finally spring and the weather allows me to share my skirt with the world.  thanks again elena, such a thoughtful gift! xxoo

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