Thursday, September 8, 2011

hooping craze

after boredom set in a couple weeks into summer i knew i had to find something to keep me occupied for the next four months at home, the solution: hooping! ultra music fest 2010 was the first time i was exposed to this exotic dance form, instantly i was amazed and wanted to learn for myself. it wasnt until this summer that my friend dea and i finally went to home depot and bought the proper materials to make our own hoops (half the fun of hooping, creativity + personalization)!

 homemade fabric hoops!!

dea, este, and i hooping around in the yard :)

me hooping like a zoe

gooo dea! get it girl :p

este, the bestie!

true life: im addicted to hooping and have to stop at gas stations during road trips to get a sesh in :p


  1. hahahah the gas station shots are key.
    can't wait to see you in action :)

  2. lololol arent those great? hope europa is treating u well. :) ta-ta!