Saturday, December 31, 2011

in a nutshell...

as the year is coming to a close i wanted to lay back and make a 2011 review:

january- the first moments of 2011 were celebrated in west palm beach. my roommate, torie, and i drove across the state to party in the new year with our other roommate, lindsay, and her friends from high school. lets just say the night was..... interesting......

february- one word GASPIRILLA.

march- spring break road trip with roommate, stacey. tallahasse-> sarasota-> west palm-> miami-> new symerna beach-> ghetto downtown orlando-> nice parts of orlando-> tallahassee. great success!

april- end of school! pic taken while studying for finals in the library approximately 3 am. bleh.

may- i joined a girl punk band.

june- i turned 20, but sadly was my lamest birthday to date :(. oh well i always have next year 21 :D.

july- i starting dating this kid xxoo.

august- back to the fsu grind!

september- threw the best birthday party for my best friend, jana. surprise boyfriend appearance included.

october- didn't celebrate

november- went to a piƱata party.

december- and finally celebrated winter break back in sarasota where i have been working everyday, hanging out with good friends, and the boyfriend. oh yeah and eating A TON.

2012, come at me bro!

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